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Combining the latest GIS technologies with proven forecasting methods provides school districts with the right set of short- and long-range planning tools.
Planning Geo-Database

Using state-of-the-art GIS software, numerix creates a geo-database that can provide:

  • High-resolution demographic analysis

  • Parcel-resolution residential analysis

  • Data-driven residential growth potential

  • Assignment scenarios

Membership Forecasts 

Statistical and cohort-based forecasting models combined with analysis of anticipated residential development create the platform for facilities and assignment planning:

  • Where are facilities needed?

  • Where is growth expected?

  • How will future growth impact facility needs?

Assignment Planning

The geo-database can allow school planners to:

  • Efficiently adjust attendance boundaries

  • Create "what-if" assignment scenarios

  • Communicate effectively with county and municipal planning agencies about new facilities and assignment plans

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