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Michael A. Miller

Mike has been involved with the application of mathematical modeling and decision science to school planning since 2003.  As the former Program Manager for the Operations Research and Education Laboratory at North Carolina State University, his professional experience covers dozens of school districts in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, ranging from small rural districts to systems having 160,000 students.  

His work at OREd and numerix pioneered the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in school planning.  By linking tabular data to spatial coordinates, GIS allows school planners to analyze growth and demographic trends within a school district.  In particular, GIS provides numerix with a way to quantify residential development trends in order to estimate future impacts on district schools.

Mike's experience is more than technical... numerix will work with district staff and elected leadership towards data-driven planning solutions while understanding the fiscal and political realities that districts face today.

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